This past weekend my friends and I traveled to Nola for Buku music and arts project.

The first night we were there we went to Bourbon Street for dinner and then to explore the city. The food we ate was from a restaurant called Oceana, we got gator bites and pasta and it was delicious. We also indulged in a drink called “spank the monkey” which was in a glass bigger than your head and required two people to split it in order to order it..so naturally we got three between the six of us and went to town. It was strong but blue and yummy. After that we walked down bourbon went to Jesters and got “the worlds strongest drink” it was green and pretty strong.

We split up at this point and a few of our group went to go see some music, the girls and I stayed to experience Bourbon and met up with some friends from home. We weaved in and out of a ton of different bars. The people on Bourbon were pretty rude and mean. Some group of women even laughed and took pictures of me and my outfit, which wasn’t anything crazy in my opinion. I had a leather and bronze fanny pack on and a scarf rapped around my hair because it was raining a little.

We did meet some down to Earth people but most of them were tourists too, but the bartenders and such weren’t very appealing to be around. After we had had enough of Bourbon we went to go find somewhere to pee but we couldn’t so we decided to pop a squat, and of course get caught. Eventually we did find somewhere to go and we got away with it this time.

The next day was the first day of Buku and we all got up and started to get our festie gear on and together. Our first show was G jones and there was one guy that had climbed to the top of a pole at the stage and was head banging, from that point I knew this festival was going to be lit. next we went to Break Science and it was a great show we even ran into Griz, who was standing RIGHT behind us! We were clearly starstruck when we amdfe eye contact with him and he smiled and put his finger up to his mouth to be quiet so that fans wouldn’t bombard him! Chvrches was next and it was outside at sunset. At the back of this stages viewing area there was a huge hammock that could hold 50+ people, so we watched from there. From there we went to Jai Wolf in the back alley stage which had a backdrop of the bridge going over the port of New Orleans, it was beautiful. The stage was build out of tons of wooden shipping pallets and resembled a pyramid. From there we went to catch some of Fetty Wap, which was so terrible we left early. The crowd was far too packed and it was too much so we left and went back to the hammock for Above and Beyond.

Kid Cudi was next and it was ok, his new music is terrible but luckily he played some old songs which brought back so many great memories. Griz was next and he opened with the All That theme song from Nickelodon in the 90’s. Griz was the last show and killed it, we all really enjoyed the show, and the all natural blood orange and strawberry lemonade popsicles we bought there!

From there we walked back to the hotel, running into the nitrous mafia on the way who was popping off balloons for $5 a pop or 5 for $20. Its always baffled me as to how they get away with this on the side of the street with thousands of people around including cops. Its a very organized situation, usually lasting 10 minutes at a time with panel vans close by to the operation. If I had to guess they probably made $1000s in minutes. We made bologna tacos at the hotel and geared up for the after party which was Wick-it, and Chill Harris (Kill Paris was his name prior to the bombings in Paris which influenced him to change his name). This show was at the Howlin Wolf and it was seriously dead, probably 20 people tops. So we went to the very front of the stage and danced, we ended up meeting an older lady who was celebrating her birthday, so we said happy birthday and so did Wick-it. We also ended up letting her and Wick-it hit our vape pen, it was cool. Chill Harris was up next and we met this guy in his Pjs and hung with him a while. We didn’t know his name but I found him to be quite snazzy so I named him Chaz. We hung with him and met up the next day and night, probably my favorite person I met In Nola, he was a SC dude.

We were in bed by 6am and up by noon for lunch for day 2.


Vinyl Treasure hunt: Boards of Canada

Vibration Revelation

Boards of Canada bumps back into the music scene with a clever PR move to rekindle its fan base. Back in 2013 the band decided to end this eight year silence by hiding five 12-in vinyl records within the shelves of various indie record stores. Each of these records held ten seconds of music containing a code that when all pieced together would create the release date for their latest LP released, Tomorrow’s Harvest. To go along with this theme, the band altered the code into old YouTube clips and aired transmissions of Adult Swim as well as launching a website to highlight this campaign.

This is a fun and very creative way to bring this music group back into the lime light following an eight year period of silence. This stunt was hands on and also drew attention to the record stores involved. This also created earned media by…

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Gem Show Treasures

This past weekend I was able to attend the East Tennessee Gem and Mineral Show.

It was such an awesome opportunity to purchase specimen, which  I took advantage of!

Here are my new crystals to add to my collection!

Onyx Oblick
Onyx Oblick
Optical Calcite
Optical Calcite
Peach Spar
Peach Spar
Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite

Artist Feature: Cooper Shelnut

Cooper is a 23 year-old Johnson City, Tenn. native who has been wrapping gemstone in wire to make jewelry for three years.

He specializes in pendants but can make rings, hatpins, and other typed of art.

His pieces are wrapped in sterling silver, though some wrapped in regular wire.

ADD ON INSTAGRAM @coopatroopaaa

Photo courtesy of Cooper's official Instagram. stones: turquoise and tanzanite
Photo courtesy of Cooper’s official Instagram.
stones: turquoise and tanzanite


Photo courtest of Cooper's official Instagram. Stones: tourmaline, indicolite and rubellite
Photo courtest of Cooper’s official Instagram.
Stones: tourmaline, indicolite and rubellite
Photo courtesy of Cooper's official Instagram. Stone: peridot
Photo courtesy of Cooper’s official Instagram.
Stone: peridot
Photo courtesy of Cooper's official Instagram. Stone: moss agate
Photo courtesy of Cooper’s official Instagram.
Stone: moss agate
Photo courtesy of Cooper's official Instagram. Right stones: Heliodor, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, spinel left: galaxy opal
Photo courtesy of Cooper’s official Instagram.
Right stones: Heliodor, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, spinel
left: galaxy opal


Moonstone is the stone of fertility~

It is a multicolored stone that changes colors when viewed from different angles.

The way these colors shift was believed to be the stone actually recognizing the phase of the moon.

Moonstone is so magical and mystical, I love it for its blue tents as well as its opaque appearance.

For more information on Moonstone visit Crystal Vaults.



This stone is very special and if you own a piece, hold on to it! Its only found ONE place in the world and that is in the Czechoslovakian mountain range.

It is the result of a meteorite crashing into the earth.

It is unsure if the stone was formed by the heat of the crashing meteorite or if the moldavite is extra terrestrial.

Alien stone or not it has me intrigued!

For more information visit  healing-crystals

Photo courtesy of tower crystals



East Tennessee

East Tennessee is known for agate and river pearls. I have lived here for 13 years and never new I could go out and find a river pearl, so that is one of my goals for the upcoming year! Agate I can understand, having found some small pieces nothing spectacular in the lake bottoms during the winter. But hey if that is what my area has to offer, I am setting out to find a spectacular piece of agate and setting my steaks high, a river pearl!

Fossils are also common in Tennessee

visit this forum for more information

Cut and polished quartz
Cut and polished quartz